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Jazz Age Lawn Party

Anna Fisher's fabulous photos from Jazz Age Lawn Party 2009


Mary Alice - Marci - Mary Alice's hat - Marci and Racheline - Jenn and Jay - Jay blowing bubbles 
Originally uploaded by Anna Fischer  dressdragn 

My Sunday Outfit:
  • Black felt cloche hat that I hand blocked at Millinery class at FIT
    • I added pink ribbon and black lace trim to the hat Sunday morning
  • Robie Earings from Frank Lloyd Wright inspired design
  • Black bow necklace that I bought both a while ago from Target
  • Black lace over pink slip dress that I bought both a while ago from Newport-News
  • Black lacey kimono sleeve wrap that I  bought both a while ago from H&M
  • Black lace belt from J. Jill
  • Black shoes and pink socks that I bought both a while ago from Century 21
-Mary Alice


Love the hat plus you are so good at putting things together!
Thanks. I had already worn my best 20's looking day outfit on Saturday (still have to get the "ingredients" of that outfit listed) and so had to shop my closet for some stuff I could put together to make the dress I wore for the Dreamland Gala look a bit more daytime. (see http://arsenicold-lace.livejournal.com/2586.html for the dress worn as evening look).

I tend to pick up stuff on clearance that looks remotely vintage, and sometime things sit in the back of the closet for a while before an event comes up where I can wear them. It helps having an entire sewing room and whole storage area dedicated to costume stuff.
Update: I have Saturday's outfit listed here http://arsenicold-lace.livejournal.com/9303.html